CoreHeight Technologies Ltd®

CoreHeight Technologies Ltd®


Security Surveillance & CCTV Solutions 

IP Digital Security Surveillance CCTV Cameras

IP cameras or network cameras, offer digital video surveillance by transmitting and receiving video over the internet or a local area network (LAN).

IP Cameras are commonly used with network video recorders (NVRs) and sometimes digital video recorders (DVRs), making them a popular solution for workplace video surveillance. 

Advantages of Surveillance Cameras

  • Deter Crime.
  • Monitor Scenarios and Activities.
  • Gather Evidence.
  • Arrive at the Right Decision
  • Maintain Records.

Types of CCTV Cameras

  • Dome CCTV Camera
  • PTZ CCTV Camera
  • Bullet CCTV Camera
  • Day/Night CCTV Camera
  • Network/IP CCTV Camera
  • High Definition CCTV Camera
  • C Mount CCTV Camera

If you need any of these cameras installed in your home, Office or establishment, please contact us or send us a request for quote

PTZ Camera

PTZ is an acronym for a 'pan tilt zoom' camera. They are cameras with a built-in mechanism that allows them to swivel left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out.

There are different types of PTZ cameras. 

  • The Outdoor PTZ
  • Wireless PTZ Camera
  • IP PTZ Camera 
  • Analogue PTZ Camera
  • PoE PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras are used in situations in which the machine vision camera must move to cover a larger area or automatically identify and follow a moving target. 

If you need any of these PTZ Camera type installation in your home, office or establishment, please request for a quote or contact us

Solar PTZ Camera with 4G SIM Connectivity 

The solar PTZ Camera is powered by a solar panel connected to a battery pack attached to the camera. The camera is controlled on an application on a mobile phone or a Web brouser via an IP address and the data can be recorded or saved in an SD Card or Cloud from the application. 

The 4G SIM Card provides the internet connectivity for the camera. The setup and installation is done by scanning a QR code label on the PTZ Solar Camera using the mobile application. 

If you want to install this in your school, home, office or business environment, please contact us or request for quote

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